Our move from Main St. to the country

This blog is our story of moving from Main St. to the country.  We thought we were pretty savvy until we realized that the more we learned, the less we knew.  I am documenting our journey here mainly to keep friends and family updated but maybe to save someone else in our situation a bit of time and trouble.

Every house we’ve ever lived in (this one is #3) has needed work.  This one needs the most but it has the most potential.  My husband is the eternal optimist, “I can fix that” is his response to almost any situation.  I, on the other hand, look and plan for the obstacles.  I don’t think I’m a pessimist, but I am the one who buys the insurance, just in case.  Between the two of us we make a good team.

This is what the house looked like at closing.  What were we thinking?

In the days before closing, we realized this would be an unusual journey.  We thought we were prepared for anything.  Then we realized that we know next to nothing about wells, septic systems, farm ponds, riding lawn mowers, etc…..

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