Follow our journey to transform a badly neglected farm house into a home. Learn what worked and what did not and see how our projects worked out.

Creative fiberboard siding repairs with marine shrink wrap tape

Now that we have most of the siding repairs done, the house looks much better from the street, but it is fifty shades of white. We used aluminum siding that was white, new but not weathered so it does not match perfectly. We used primer and any left over white house paint plus a few new gallons - … Read more about Creative fiberboard siding repairs with marine shrink wrap tape

The learning begins

We have done so much research on ponds, well, septic, cold storage structures, pole barns, propane appliances that I feel like a first time home owner.  Everything is so much different.  We like the ability to be self sufficient, but we quickly learned that we did not know the first thing about some … Read more about The learning begins

The offer was accepted!

On Monday, right at 3:30 my cell phone rang.  I was teaching a class at Cedar Lakes Rug Camp.  My husband had driven me down and I thought he was calling me.  Instead, it was Tami, our realtor.  "They accepted your offer," she said. I didn't hear much after that.  I was unable to talk to my … Read more about The offer was accepted!

It was meant to be

My mind kept screaming that there was SO much work, but it felt right.  As we drove onto the property that first day, my husband looked down outside the car window on his side and said, "There's a dove right here."  I caught my breath and knew that it was a sign.   I knew this was our place.  It … Read more about It was meant to be