by Cindi 

We are back where we started about this time last year


Last fall, Dave was feeling run down. Nothing specific, just a general tired feeling. We were remodeling this new house and showing our house on Main St. and we were under a lot of stress. It made sense. Between Christmas and New Year’s Dave was too sick to work. That was the start of a 9 and 1/2 month sick leave. You can read the full story here.

Back to work

Yesterday, Dave went back to work. The IV antibiotic did it’s job. His blood numbers are not completely normal yet, but have been going in the right direction for a while now. It will take time for him to gain his full strength back so construction on the house is still on hold but we can begin making plans again.

What I’m doing

Rug Hooking website by Cindi GayI’ve been busy doing some work on my business and website. I had scheduled a full year without travel from October 2014 until October of this year. I was not able to do as much work as I had planned but I was in the right place at the right time where I was needed.

Toledo business mastermind group
Our group with Sarah, our leader, taking the photo.
I joined a Mastermind group in Toledo a few months ago. The group started out very small, usually just three of us, but has been steadily growing. This group keeps me accountable so the work on my business does not slip and I’ve saved time and money based on their recommendations and suggested resources. I recommend anyone in business or thinking about starting a business to join a Mastermind group. I found mine at

As I slowly make progress, I’ll take some free time and update this website with the progress we made on the house before Dave got sick and the bit we’ve done since, usually with my son’s help.


Thanks, Bob.
PS- Yes, I noticed you used my camera.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for all your kind words and prayers over the last year.

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