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Rug hooking studio is ready (almost) for drywall


All measurements are approximate.
All measurements are approximate.

The studio had been used as our staging area for construction for the rest of the house. Now it needs to be completed because our closing is scheduled for next Friday. We will have only 30 days after that to be out of our old house. I am still teaching and doing business in the old house. That will have to move completely to the new house in about a month.

I am posting this information here to be used for estimates for drywall, but this will give you a good look at the before state.

This area will house the washer and dryer.  Having it on the same floor as the studio is great.  Having it in the same room will be wonderful.
This area will house the washer and dryer. Having it on the same floor as the studio is great. Having it in the same room will be wonderful.

The room is a disaster right now because we cleared out the kitchen so we can get the flooring installed. This room will be completely cleared out before the drywall installation begins.

2014-10-27 14.34.58

The entire ceiling was reframed for several reasons. Above the room is a walk in attic. That limited the amount of insulation above this room. Dropping the ceiling made more room for additional insulation. The room was cut up with two support beams and each area of ceiling was out of level. It would have taken a great deal of work to level each area. By eliminating the need to work around the beams we reduced the amount of time it would take to cover and mud the ceiling. A smooth ceiling not broken up with support beams looks better too.

2014-10-27 14.34.27

The ceiling shown above has peeling paint, probably lead based paint. We can now cover it and leave it undisturbed.

2014-10-27 14.34.39

You can really see in the photo above how out of level the original ceiling was. Look at the area above the new ceiling joist where it meets the wall. There is a much larger gap on the right.

2014-10-27 14.34.44

One big problem was how to attach new wooden ceiling joists to the steel beam that previous owners had installed. It took several months to work this out. Dave remembered that he had bought a gun that used a .22 charge to fire a nail into steel. He bought it about 30 years ago for $1. He had no use for it and never used it until now, but hey, it’s a gun. I understand. We bought the ammo and nails at Home Depot and he was able to shoot the nails to attach the hangers to the steel beam. After that all we had to do is lay in the joist and nail or screw them from the side into the hanger.

Additional information needed to quote this job:

  • Ideal start date November 3
  • Project must be completed by November 16
  • This room has 2 exterior doors
  • Parking is available on the grass just outside each door, drive way is about 15 feet away.
  • Ceiling height is approx. 8’4″
  • Room will be used for my business as a fiber art studio
  • Insulation will be installed before drywall begins
  • The window to be removed will be out and reframed before your work begins
  • A drywall lifter and small rolling scaffold is available on site
  • The room is now cluttered. It will be completely empty before your work begins.
  • I can have the drywall delivered and in the room if that speeds up the install and helps the price.
  • Debris can be left on site if that helps the price.
  • Here’s a video with more information:
  • I want a smooth finish on the walls, a simple texture is OK on the ceiling.

Help! If you know a dry waller in NW Ohio, please send him or her this link.

I am collecting quotes. The problem has been finding someone who is available. I realize I probably will not find someone who can work in my preferred time frame. I am willing to adjust those times. I will probably have to rent a storage locker for the contents of the rug hooking studio until the new studio is complete. Why does all construction work take longer than you think it will? I will pay cash, check, wool, rug hooking lessons, website services and any combination. I will leave reviews in multiple places to bump up the web presence.

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