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Heavy equipment makes everything easier


Sitework prep begins

Here’s a video recap of the four days of demolition. It was a huge amount of work but we got through it as planned.

Just a few weeks later Cleary’s subcontractor got to work prepping the site with a load of stone. We got a bump in the construction schedule and work began the same day the material was ordered.

Sitework prep begins
Sitework prep begins
  • Wow, what a great site! This was my childhood home as I grew up here from 1975 to 1993, when I left for college in Dayton, OH. I still live just south of Dayton but my mom and 2 brothers still live in Northwest OH. Looking through your photos bring back so many memories. The upstairs front bedroom was my bedroom for all those years. I remember when the pond was first dug and all the time we spent swimming in it. My parents always took such good care of the property so seeing the decline in the property over the last 15-16 years (I believe my mom sold the house around 1998 if I remember correctly) was very depressing. However. it’s wonderful to see that the property is now owned by people who are looking to restore the house to its potential. I would love to stop by sometime when I am up in the area again and I will definitely check out this website from time to time to follow your progress. Good luck and keep up the great work. Sincerely, Curt Lemmerbrock

    • I just received a comment two hours earlier from David. My husband, David and I would love to meet both of you. We have many questions. I’ve been discovering the loving touches buried under the overgrown landscape. I’ve often wondered about the people who once loved the property as much as we do. It was so badly abused during its later years. We have many questions, especially about the pond. I will private message my contact info.

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