by Cindi 

The first room is painted


closed in upstairs front bedroom

Well, at least the ceiling and walls are done. I still need to paint the trim – I’ll have to wait to see if these windows will be in the batch we replace this year, spray paint the heat register grills in the ceiling, and paint the closet.

Here’s what it looked like before I started. This room was probably the most complete room, even though it was still missing a floor, door molding and floor molding. Luckily the monkeys over the window were just decals can peeled off every easily.

That the ceiling fan at the top of the photo. It hangs down way too far.
room before painting
South east walls

Front bedroom upstairs: Painting begins

Update: March 2014. We did replace all three windows in this room. The molding was taken off in preparation and still has not been reinstalled. Reinstalling the molding is a relatively “simple” job and we are completing the bigger projects first.

  • The parking lot outside my apartment is currently under the occupation of hundreds (or thousands) of adolescent box elder bugs.

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