by Cindi 

The creepy crawlys got me today – Box Elder bugs


The basement is getting waterproofed so when I need to make a phone call I have to go outside. I was wondering around the yard talking on the phone when I noticed this tree limb. I bent over to pick it up and to throw it into the ravine. OMG. It was covered in small red bugs. Then I noticed that my flip flop shod feet were covered also. These guys move fast.

2013-06-26 12.06.29

They were everywhere! I rushed inside for a Google search. I know the area has been used by deer. We’ve found cobs of corn and the grass was all smooshed down. Could they be ticks? I bravely got a sheet of white paper and took a quick photo. Only when I saw six legs instead of eight did my heart stop racing.

Box Elder babies
Box Elder babies

I saw a box elder bug at our home on Main Street for the first time this spring. I only saw a few and was horrified by reports on the internet about huge swarms of them. Luckily they do no damage, unless you consider the effect on my nerves. These are box elder babies. They were everywhere in the corner of the lawn.

  • Yikes! I’ve never seen box elder bugs – interesting. I’m sitting here recovering from a tick bite recently. Had to go to the doctors and get bloodwork and I’m taking medication. I’ve been bitten by ticks before – they are a disgusting bug and you don’t always feel them on you which is how they are able to latch on without you knowing it. This is the worst bite I’ve had – I’ve been the sickest I’ve ever been, flu like symptoms. Aches and pains. Not fun at all! Thinking about getting guinea hens, they are supposed to be good at eating ticks – my chickens apparently don’t, haha. Love your house, thanks for sharing.

    • They are quite alarming until you find out that they are harmless and temporary. I did read something on the internet that advised against killing them if they are in a wall of your home. If they die between the walls they will attract carpet beetles. Carpet beetles eat wool which is a real problem in my home. I teach traditional rug hooking and I have a large stash of wool fabric.

      The ticks this year are terrible. We have the tiny ones that are really tough to find but we do a complete check every time we spend time outdoors.

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