by Cindi 

One bedroom done, now we need the floor.


I finished the painting in the upstairs bedroom. Feels good to get some progress done. The video below will give you a quick look. I have the wall with the bad outlet repaired and painted. Dave has installed fresh new electrical outlets and switches. He had to evict one past tennant – a dead mouse in the electrical box.

The paint color on this room is Sherwin Williams Believable Buff. I got it mixed at Home Depot (their paint was on sale). I learned that they have all the competitor’s colors in their computer. This paint includes a primer. I still needed two coats to get a rich finish, because the bright yellow was a tough color to cover.

My new favorite wall color
My new favorite wall color

Laminate Flooring

We did a lot of looking around to find an affordable laminate flooring. I thought we found our best candidate at Home Depot. These stores have learned how to make it impossible to get price matching. If they carry the same brand, they have different colors. I thought the Pergo XP (good for dog nails) was our best bet until I saw the Allen + Roth brand. It looked just as good but was a full $1 cheaper. The clerks told me that Allen + Roth is the better Lowe’s brand. That is how they keep the prices down. The clerks were very helpful and even put the samples on the floor for me. I was having trouble seeing them overhead and the angle caused a lot of glare.

Marcona Hickory Laminate Flooring Allen+Roth Brand from Lowe's
Marcona Hickory Laminate Flooring Allen+Roth Brand from Lowe’s

We are still waiting on a porch estimate that is a full week overdue. Once that is in hand we can decide if we are doing that right away and how many windows we can get replaced before winter. Those decisions will tell us if we can do the floors right away or if we need to wait.

I am at rug camp this week. Sauder Village is one camp I attend every year. It is good to see old friends. I heard the locusts singing on my way to dinner tonight. It is a chilling reminder of how close cooler weather is. We still need propane, a furnace inspection and we need to have the hot water tank checked out. A lot of necessities in a short time. Seeing a new floor installed would really feel like progress. But is it a luxury we will have to wait on?

  • would love to so your house someday. I grew up there and have so many memories . Happy to see someone is making it a home again.

    • David, I would love to meet you. We have so many unanswered questions about the house. I will private message you with my contact information.

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