by Cindi 

How we cleaned tree roots out of our well


tree roots from the well

Getting a well going that had been abandoned for at least a year was relatively easy, keeping it going was much harder.

Before you buy land in the country, ask the neighbors or a water purification contractor what the water is like in your area.

freshening a wellOur realtor had tipped us off that the water on our property has a strong sulfur content. We took pause but not for long. The location is what we loved about the property but we underestimated the problem. The pump was burnt out so we installed a new one and it quickly became apparent (after just a few minutes the pump stopped working) that tree roots had invaded the well. We pulled the pump several times over the next few days and painstakingly picked out tiny tree roots. After a few phone calls, we decided to give Able Well Drilling out of Bowling Green, OH the job of “blowing out” the roots.

Here’s what happened:

Ok, not the most exciting video out there, but I decided to post it because we had trouble finding information about this process when we first heard about it. It wasn’t cheap to have this done, but as least the water is flowing and it did improve the test results.

The well driller told us about a well he blew out years ago. Someone had dropped an ax handle into the well and it had decayed, contaminating the well. After getting the treatment, the water passed the quality tests. We figured we had nothing to loose.

Our water was much better after being blown out, but we still had to install an extensive water treatment system.

  • Wow, Cindy, this is so interesting. Had no idea what’s involved in moving
    to older place in country, but you will have a wonderful place when finished.

  • The tube well at my house is clogged with tree roots. We installed a new pump and changed the foot valve as well. However the pump simply stops working in two minutes. The property is small that installing another tube well is not an option. Can I ask any well drilling unit to blow out the well tube? The quality of water is good. I wouldn’t need any treatment.

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