by Cindi 

Cherries and raspberries and blackberries, Oh my!


Tart cherries
Tart cherries

Just shortly after we closed on the property, the tart cherries were ripe. We did not get to enjoy too many of them because several of the prime harvest days were spent at the hospital. We meet one of the neighbors and invited her to help herself. Luckily she was able to pick some, the birds enjoyed the rest.

Update on David: He is doing well. He had to have an defibrillator installed as a precaution. He still gets tired easily and cannot lift over 10 pounds or raise his hands over his head. He is frustrated because he wants to install new windows, patch the siding, repair the gutters, etc. All that will have to wait. In the meantime, I am doing the heavy lifting – at least what I can do. We are saying, “later this fall” a lot.

A few weeks later I discovered the most delicious red raspberries. Those did not last long. I harvested them every time I was at the house, but I never needed a container. I just popped them in my mouth. They never lasted long enough to get a photo. I plan to transplant that group to a sunnier spot. They were the best berries! It brought back memories of my grandfather’s yard. You could always find something in season.


Today I found these blackberries on the far side of the property. Dave has been mowing around them. They are choked with weeds, but were still producing berries. I picked the few ripe ones I saw. They are huge.

We have two different varieties of apples. Not sure which ones they are until they get larger. I did snag an unripe sample. One is tart and the other is sweet. Perfect.

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