Follow our journey to transform a badly neglected farm house into a home. Learn what worked and what did not and see how our projects worked out.

The first time

It was a Friday night May 3, 2013 and my husband suggested we go for a drive.  In my mind, I’m hearing, “I don’t have to cook, yeah.” “I want to drive past a property first,” he says.  Here we go again.  We’ve been doing this on and off now for months.  We’ve never been […]

Why we chose a snowblower instead of a snow plow

The property is 2.76 acres.  Enough that our “normal” lawnmower would not work.  We knew that we needed a riding lawnmower but after almost 38 years of having our own lawns, we had never had this much to mow.  Time for research. There are so many options and some of the people we talked to […]

It was meant to be

My mind kept screaming that there was SO much work, but it felt right.  As we drove onto the property that first day, my husband looked down outside the car window on his side and said, “There’s a dove right here.”  I caught my breath and knew that it was a sign.   I knew this […]

The offer was accepted!

On Monday, right at 3:30 my cell phone rang.  I was teaching a class at Cedar Lakes Rug Camp.  My husband had driven me down and I thought he was calling me.  Instead, it was Tami, our realtor.  “They accepted your offer,” she said. I didn’t hear much after that.  I was unable to talk […]

The learning begins

We have done so much research on ponds, well, septic, cold storage structures, pole barns, propane appliances that I feel like a first time home owner.  Everything is so much different.  We like the ability to be self sufficient, but we quickly learned that we did not know the first thing about some of these […]

Estimates for Construction Work

It’s frustrating to be sitting around talking instead of working, but we cannot do as much of the work ourselves as we did over 20 years ago. We’ve talked to a providers for an updated water filtration system for the well, siding and basement waterproofing. The next few weeks will have even more appointments. In […]

With a little help from our friends

Last Thursday David had severe shortness of breath. We went to the emergency room. Diagnosis – congestive heart failure. We are taking this one step at a time. Next month he will get a difibrulator. In the meantime, the grass continues to grow. Several of Dave’s shooting buddies and ex co-workers showed up without our […]

Barn Sliding Door for the Powder Room

I love it when things “just work out.” I rarely purchase magazines but last week I knew I would be spending time at the hospital with my husband, so I picked up the most interesting magazine I would find after only about 20 seconds of looking. I usually take more care, but I was in […]

Basement Waterproofing is the first step

We’ve used Everdry before for our house on Main St. and the basement has stayed dry for 23 years. It is expensive, but they take care of everything and don’t nickle and dime you to death with all the unknowns they will find. I figure with a house this old, they are bound to find […]

The creepy crawlys got me today – Box Elder bugs

The basement is getting waterproofed so when I need to make a phone call I have to go outside. I was wondering around the yard talking on the phone when I noticed this tree limb. I bent over to pick it up and to throw it into the ravine. OMG. It was covered in small […]