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Basement Waterproofing is the first step

We’ve used Everdry before for our house on Main St. and the basement has stayed dry for 23 years. It is expensive, but they take care of everything and don’t nickle and dime you to death with all the unknowns they will find. I figure with a house this old, they are bound to find something underground that we did not know about.

And they have. The first is an old waterproofing system that obviously is not working. They found perforated tile and a large drain pipe. Fred, the foreman, assured me that they would not be using the pipe but he would fill it with concrete to plug it up permanently. The pipe goes off toward the ravine. . . who knows what could crawl up it.

foundation digging for french drains

Progress on the dry well and foundation digging.

dry well.

This is a dry well. The foundation drains will be routed here. The will will contain the water and then disperse it slowly away from the foundation.

Digging down along the foundation on the outside

Digging down along the foundation on the outside

cobblestones in foundation

Part of the foundation is cobblestone, but the mortar is in good shape. No problems there I’m told.

A bigger problem is the lack of gutters on the house. I still need to find another siding contractor for estimates. I signed up for Angie’s List, but I am having trouble finding people in my area. I’ll have to knock on some doors out here and get recommendations.


  1. By 2:00pm all the outside drains were in and completely backfilled!

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