Follow our journey to transform a badly neglected farm house into a home. Learn what worked and what did not and see how our projects worked out.

We are back where we started about this time last year

Last fall, Dave was feeling run down. Nothing specific, just a general tired feeling. We were remodeling this new house and showing our house on Main St. and we were under a lot of stress. It made sense. Between Christmas and New Year’s Dave was too sick to work. That was the start of a 9 and 1/2 month sick leave. You can read the full story here.

Back to work

Yesterday, Dave went back to work. The IV antibiotic did it’s job. His blood numbers are not completely normal yet, but have been going in the right direction for a while now. It will take time for him to gain his full strength back so construction on the house is still on hold but we can begin making plans again.

What I’m doing

Rug Hooking website by Cindi GayI’ve been busy doing some work on my business and website. I had scheduled a full year without travel from October 2014 until October of this year. I was not able to do as much work as I had planned but I was in the right place at the right time where I was needed.

Toledo business mastermind group

Our group with Sarah, our leader, taking the photo.

I joined a Mastermind group in Toledo a few months ago. The group started out very small, usually just three of us, but has been steadily growing. This group keeps me accountable so the work on my business does not slip and I’ve saved time and money based on their recommendations and suggested resources. I recommend anyone in business or thinking about starting a business to join a Mastermind group. I found mine at

As I slowly make progress, I’ll take some free time and update this website with the progress we made on the house before Dave got sick and the bit we’ve done since, usually with my son’s help.


Thanks, Bob.
PS- Yes, I noticed you used my camera.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for all your kind words and prayers over the last year.

House on hold – David needs work done now

Life has been difficult. That is such a simple sentence but what is going on is far from simple. David has been off work since Christmas. His back hurt and he just did not feel well. After repeated doctor’s visits he was referred to ortho. They advised him to get his shoulder reworked. He was […]

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Lessons learned during the construction of our Cleary pole barn

The garage is finally done! The construction did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. Here’s what happened: Site Prep for the Pole Barn/Garage A load of stone was delivered and spread over the site and the materials arrived earlier than expected. I arrived on site at 7am but they were already there. There […]

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Rug hooking studio is ready (almost) for drywall

The studio had been used as our staging area for construction for the rest of the house. Now it needs to be completed because our closing is scheduled for next Friday. We will have only 30 days after that to be out of our old house. I am still teaching and doing business in the […]

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Heavy equipment makes everything easier

Sitework prep begins

Here’s a video recap of the four days of demolition. It was a huge amount of work but we got through it as planned. Just a few weeks later Cleary’s subcontractor got to work prepping the site with a load of stone. We got a bump in the construction schedule and work began the same […]

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Garage demo makes way for new Cleary Building

We’re building a new garage! I’ve never lived in a house with a garage. My home on Main Street has a building we call a garage but the widest door is a double door just off the alley that is only five feet wide. You’d never get a car in there. The building had a […]

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Adding a new door

One of the oddest features of this house was that it only had one door when we bought it. Not only is it inconvenient, it just did not feel right. We decided we needed a door at the back of the house in the studio. This would create two doors in the studio, but most […]

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Corner walk-in pantry, no corner cabinet!

This is one of those ideas where you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of this before?” I’m still struggling with my kitchen design. Working with a designer did not work out for me. I don’t want a row of cabinets slapped up on a wall. I want a thoughtful, workable design and I cannot afford […]

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Hanging the Drywall in the Living Room

Nothing feels better than seeing progress. The insulation behind the drywall feels pretty darn good also. Unfortunately, the north wall (the one without insulation) had to stay that way for several weeks. We had to wait until the new electrical service was inspected and switched over by Edison so we could then demo the wires, […]

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Tearing Down Plaster and Lathe

I thought I could live with the living room after giving it a coat of paint. We could concentrate on other areas and tackle this room later . . . or so I thought. I tried a bit of paint, but I could not ignore that ceiling and no amount of paint was going to […]

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